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14 July 2009 @ 03:43 am
Happy Bastille Day! Today the French celebrate the event that sparked the French revolution. In honor of our Francophone friends, what is your favorite French thing? Bonus points for answers en français.
J'adore le musique de francais! C'est magnificent! J'aime beaucoup Indochine et Zazie.
13 July 2009 @ 02:17 am
Here at my icon journal, cest_fabuleux 

[11] Barbra Streisand
[7] Rachel Maddow
[4] Gillian Anderson

10 July 2009 @ 11:02 pm
1. Make two lists.
2. TEH EPIC LIST OF LOVE™ consists of 10 public figures you would date - meaning, you're interested in having a long-term relationship with this person. This also includes sex.
3. TEH (SLIGHTLY LESS) EPIC LIST OF LUST™ consists of 5 public figures you'd do in an instant, no questions asked. [...] Talk is prohibited, unless it's of the dirty kind (of which the use is not mandatory, but warmly recommended).
4. Obviously, photos are necessary.
5. Explain why you've included each person on the list.

Um...my attraction to her is hard to describe...because its just this raw feeling of "Omg, omg...please throw me against a wall, Rachel Maddow."
Yeah, its like that. Point is (lol), she's SO smart, she has a DOCTORATE in Political Science from Oxford (which means she is way more qualified than any of the other news people ESPECIALLY FOX NEWS (O'Reilly only has a Masters and HANNITY dropped out of college. Dude couldn't hack it), she dresses like a 12 year old boy (which is ADORABLE), she makes cute little noises on air, she says cute/smart/funny things on air, uh...she's just so ADORABLE AND SEXY. *falls over*

2. Meryl Streep
Why not? She's funny, she's gorgeous, she's down to earth...my one thing here is I'd like her to dress up like Miranda Priesty (as evidenced below) every once and a while. AND SHE DRIVES A PRIUS. Which, by the way, is a big turn-on for me. Ooh! And she's a Vassar AND Yale graduate. That = Smart!

Okay, I understand that this one is weird. I get it- lol. But she's super smart, and just plain silly (in the amazing way.) Anyway, I adore her, and she's adorable in the Maddow-esque way but with a quiet sophistication (plus eyerolling)...um...AND? She's Jewish. Yep, Jewish. And you guys know how much I love Jews....

4. Hillary Clinton
Okay....yet another weird one. But she's SO INTELLIGENT, SO FUNNY, and SO CUTE. Wow....Yeah....I need help. Anyway, I would love to be Mrs. Clinton- only to Hillary, not Bill.

5. Patti LuPone
Alright, so she's a bit of a diva...and a little too old for me (who on this list ISN'T?), but she's a theater GODDESS, and she can still rock fishnets at 60. And, though I've heard she can be a bitch, she's SUPER nice to those close to her- which I would like to be ;)

6. Bernadette Peters
Um...just look at the picture. She's in her 60s, and she STILL looks like that. Really- its brilliant. She's gorgeous- but talented, too! AND I've wanted to marry her since I was 3, yep.

7. Allison Janney!
She's got a super-amazing laugh, she's kissed Meryl Streep, and she's really sexy- PLUS she was on the West Wing, which is amazing.

8. Lily Tomlin
Alright, so she IS the oldest person I'm attracted to, but she's really funny and she hasn't let herself go. Plus, she was awesome back in the day, too! AND she's gay- the only other openly gay person on this list (The other one is really obvious, guys)- and that's her with Meryl Streep below.

9. Jodie Foster
Come on- she's smart, she went to YALE, and she's really talented- and, of course, sexy.
And she's tough AND pretty.
Okay...I lied...there are apparently MORE gay people on this list LOL

10. Jane Lynch
This one is kind of random, but she IS sexy, and kinda tough...but not SUPER tough. ( :
And she's the 4th gay here.


1. Megan Mullally
Um...did you guys WATCH Will & Grace? She's SUPER gorgeous, and amazing...but I don't know if I'd marry her...she's not my "marrying type."

2. Gillian Anderson
She was SCULLY. Its the geek in me...and while I'd want to have a physical...herm...relationship with her, she's CRAZY and I don't know if I'd want to marry her. She's Anjelina Jolie's idol, if that tells you anything about her exploits. Plus, I preferred her on the X-Files in pantsuits and less girly.

3. Fanny Ardant
She's SUPER sexy, but she smokes...and she mainly speaks french, which I'm not so good at.

4. Catherine Deneuve
Again with the smoking and the french-speaking...Bonus though? She made out with Fanny Ardant (see above)...and she's still gorgeous in her 60s ( :
I submit this picture as an example:

5. Helena Bonham Carter
....oh, Helena...you are so gorgeous but you are freaking crazy and you dress like an insane hobbit.
08 July 2009 @ 11:01 pm
I found this on the anti-Meryl website. Someone amazing wrote it!

1. She's like, the most nominated person EVER!
2. She's won two Oscars!
3. Everyone Else Loves Her too!
4. She kissed Allison Janney!
5. She kissed Emma Thompson!
6. She makes puffy coats look good!
7. She reads children's books.
8. She gives the best acceptances speeches ever!
9. She even gives great acceptance speeches for other people!
10. She's a gangsta!
11. She's a dork! (Icon credit to ellixian)
12. She loves the phrase 'bitch slap'.
13. She stuffs her bra!
14. She accepts awards in foreign countries in foreign languages!
15. She wears the same dresses again… 30 years later!
16. She sang 'Sodomy' from Hair!
17. She rocks a pair of glasses like no other.
18. She's one degree from Kevin Bacon.
19. She plays four very different parts… in the same miniseries!
20. She wrote her own dialogue for the court room scene in Kramer vs. Kramer.
21. She has an honorary degree from Princeton University.
22. She painted her toenails blue to support Obama.
23. In college she went around putting up anti-war flyers before the big football game.
24. She made the boss from hell sexy as hell.
25. Have you seen her sing The Winner Takes It All?
26. She acts down to her hands! The hand shaking at the end of TWTIA… KILL ME DEAD. (See clip above)
27. She steals people's Oscars… and they let her.
28. She wore an American Flag dress in Paris to celebrate Obama's Inauguration!
29. The city of New York proclaimed it Meryl Streep Day!
30. She is the master of accents (see clip below).
31. She gives hilarious and awesome interviews.
32. She was in the highest grossing movie in the UK ever.
33. And she is damn proud of that fact.
33. She blew a hole in Goldie Hawn.
34. She makes slurping spaghetti adorable!
35. She brings a flask to the Golden Globes.
36. How many other 59 year old women do you know who can do this?
37. She flails over her kids.
38. She wants to spank Spike Jonze.
39. She steals her daughter's answers to the questionnaire on ITAS.
40. She plays a drug addict so well!
41. She duets with a dummy.
42. She can rock a pair of overalls. (And I bet this isn't the clip you're thinking it is.)
43. She's passionate about charitable causes.
44. She sings with her cool famous friends. And kisses one of them right before it begins.
45. Who knew hair washing could be so sexy?
46. Cartwheels!
47. She interprets the words of brilliant writers so passionately and beautifully.
48. She has a Mamma Mia purse!
49. She makes me anticipate a movie that has no title yet!
50. She jumps her lines. And dances awesomely.
51. Do you want another one?
52. She goes on talk shows even if she's sick.
53. She should get an award for being the coolest woman around.
54. She played Katherine in Taming Of The Shrew in Central Park.
55. Aunt Josephine. (And the adorable blooper where the baby falls asleep and she coos at her).
56. She has a star and handprints in Hollywood.
57. She goes to Broadway shows and writes letters to the cast and producers.
58. She gets better seats at the theatre than the President.
59. She's gorgeous.
60. She's Meryl Streep. ♥ ♥ ♥
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29 June 2009 @ 02:01 am
So I'm headed to DC tomorrow for freshman orientation. Yay! My flight is ten-ish, but I have to get up in 4 hours... ugh. Just thought I'd let you all know that I'll be gone until friday (unless I can get my hands on somebody's laptop whilst there).
Also, since I know my beloved Hillary shall be in DC, I will keep on the lookout with my camera aimed and ready! ( :
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28 June 2009 @ 03:44 am
I'm taking requests for icons, headers, banners, etc. on my graphics journal, cest_fabuleux 
Go request!

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28 June 2009 @ 12:57 am
So I posted my new layout! I hope you guys like it, and if you're interested to know who made it, check out my userinfo.

Also, the header is by me. I made it quickly, but I like it. If you would like me to make you one...just let me know! ( :
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26 June 2009 @ 12:18 am

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29 May 2009 @ 10:28 pm
What's the most annoying thing that happened to you this week?
My bathtub clogged up. It was freaking ridiculous. My step-dad fixed it last night, though.
19 May 2009 @ 07:24 pm

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